NEANA and her Magical Adventures

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Neana is an intrepid little girl whom loves exciting things to do; she never feels bored or fed up, well! (Perhaps sometimes), as we all do but very rarely, she has no Brothers or Sisters and lives in a large house with her Mummy, Daddy and her kitten Sooty. She has a Nan-nan and Granddad whom she loves to visit and for them to visit Neana. She loves to go out on family trips. The weekends mostly put aside for such occasions.

Neana thinks that life is so exciting and she hopes that you will join her on her magical adventures and have lots of fun together, she hopes that you find it as magical as herself by reading the book:-

NEANA and her Magical Adventures

The book centred on Neana, her kitten Sooty and five other main characters including others popping in from time to time. I have chosen one of my favourite readings out of the book; I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.


The reading as follows: - - - - -





This is your surprise,’ said the fairy. She waved her magic wand and said the magic words, ‘Beedar beedoo. ’And before their very eyes all the toys came alive! The toy soldiers played their musical instruments and the large doll came over to Neana and asked her to dance.

Isn’t this fun,’ said the doll to Neana.

‘Ooh, yes,’ said Neana, as they danced together.

Big Ted came over to Neana. ’I know you, you came to my tea party!’ he said.

The panda climbed out of his bed and joined the others to have a dance. The ballerina leapt off the floor’ high on her toes, and twirled round to the music. They all danced and danced until the fairy asked if they would like to go on a train ride.

Ooh, yes please! Said Neana.

Follow me,’ said the fairy, and Neana, Sooty, Dickie Bird, Red Butterfly and Mr Gnome, with all the toys from the doll’s house, followed the fairy to a train set. The fairy told them all to

Climb aboard. She waved her magic wand and said the magic words, ’beedar beedoo’, and the train: -……..Find out what happens next by reading the book:-

NEANA and her Magical Adventures

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Hello to all at Boston Park Community Primary School, Thank you for inviting me to you school on Wednesday 21st May 2008. I hope that you enjoyed my visit as much as I did. It was lovely meeting you all and spending time with you. Also thank you very much to the girl who gave me the football sticker in class one (I’m so sorry but I never asked you your name), I’ve stuck it on the front off my computer monitor and can view it as I’m typing this out. I have to say what a lovely school you all have. It was a real pleasure working there, so different to what I do normally as my days usually are spent all alone in my study on the computer typing or researching for my work. Hope that I will see you all again at one of my theatre performances. If you do come along please do come and say ‘hello’ or if I’m in the town signing my book. If you wish, you can send me an email, which I promise that I will reply to all. Although it is a few weeks away, I hope that you all enjoy your summer holiday and that the weather is warm and sunny for you. Read also what Karen as to say about her visit to you on her page, ‘Karen’s Page’. Enjoy your day hope to see you again. Bye for now. With very best wishes, Ida Pearson